iECHO AY-ZS Tension Free Spreading System


  • This device can perfectly solve the edge curling problem in knitted fabrics which helps to utilize maximum fabric width.
  • IECHO AY-ZS spreader Series ensures predictable and repeatable tension-free spreading of material.
  • Ensures accurate and consistent spreading in length.
  • Intelligently aligns material edges so parts can be nested closer to the ends and edges of material to optimize material utilization.


IECHO AY-ZS Spreaders tension free cloth unwinding system with automatic fabric expanding mechanism combined with simplicity in ease of operation increases production efficiency and spread quality. AY-ZS Spreaders Stream Line Shape helps in avoiding wind disturbance caused due the spread speed and its robust design demonstrates low noise and vibration. AY-ZS Spreaders Intelligent power saving system combined with its electronic pre-setting of spread length demonstrate industry 4.0 SMART manufacturing capabilities. AY-ZS Spreaders can spread Woven, Knitted, Denim, Poly material type and can spread Face to Face and Zig Zag of width ranging from 160cm to 340cm.