Style 3D Cloud

3D For Everyone

Style3D Cloud is comprehensive SaaS platform for development and collaboration with virtual samples. It has a full range of functionalities within 3D sketching to support the users into achieving all the advantages. From display and product development to showcasing for sales purposes, while also offering a global marketplace with digital assets for online sourcing. The cloud invites people across all functions to collaborate in a creative environment.

Key Benefits

3D For Everyone

With our cloud solution we aim to bring everyone onboard in the 3D workflow as the platform is highly intuitive and thereby also easy to implement in any organization. The interface is constructed in a simple and user-friendly format, so everyone can quickly learn how to use it.

Display & Develop

The digital samples can be access and seen from anywhere with rotation and zoom functions to see even the smallest detail. If you are not completely satisfied you also have opportunities for making actual changes to the garment without having any 3D designers involve. Style3D Cloud has unique functions for product development online where users can change fabrics, colors, artworks within seconds to see different outcomes before sharing styles with team members or clients.


The physical garment requires multiple proofing, modifications, and mailing, which has a long development cycle and low efficiency. With digital samples it is possible to break through the barriers of time and place to efficiently collaborate. Sample reviews can be done anytime and anywhere while keeping the supply chain updated with the instant sharing functions.


From our official marketplace it is possible to find all sorts of resources in a digital format that can be used for development. Shapes, fabrics, trims, and avatars can all be found and downloaded to your own library with one click. Find assets from different vendors who also use the platform as way to display their latest collections.

Modular Design

Modular design features break down the garment into components and allow online modifications of 3D garments. Change the style from crew neck to a hoodie or switch the pockets from one shape to another. With Style3D modular function it so easy, that there is no need for 3D designer.

Showcasing & Sales

Export pictures, animations, and videos for sales purposes or utilize the online tools within the platform for making sales through the cloud solution. Style3D does not only cover the creation and collaboration process, but also has virtual showrooms for better presentations of digital samples, as well as open catalogue functions for easy display of multiple styles.